how2.0 : Change/Add Restrictions And Features [a further info about registry tweak & hack]

If you want to make restrictions to what users can do, you can edit the Registry. You can add and delete Windows features in this key shown below.

Certain things you must know about registry editor:

  1. It's very sensitive. Make sure you change anything inside it if you didn't know about it
  2. Boolean is where elements or "bits" each contain only two possible values, called various names [eg : yes@no, true@false , 1@2]
  3. The Boolean number "0" is for ON
  4. The Boolean number "1" is for OFF
  5. [eg : To make a printer undeleteable set "NoDeletePrinter" boolean to 1. That The value "NoDeletePrinter" will be activated] 
Open RegEdit [start > run > "regedit"] and navigate to :


Under "Explorer" subkey, this "DWORD" value can be created :
  1. NoDeletePrinter : Disables Deletion of Printers
  2. NoAddPrinter : Disables Addition of Printers
  3. NoRun : Disables Run Command
  4. NoSetFolders : Removes Folders from Settings on Start Menu
  5. NoSetTaskbar : Removes Taskbar from Settings on Start Menu
  6. NoFind : Removes the Find Command
  7. NoDrives : Hides Drives in My Computers
  8. NoNetHood : Hides the Network Neighborhood
  9. NoDesktop : Hides all icons on the Desktop
  10. NoLogoff : Hides the Log Off in the Start Menu
  11. NoRecentDocsMenu : Hides the Documents shortcut at the Start button
  12. DisableRegistryTools : Disable Registry Editing Tools
  13. NoChangeStartMenu : Disables changes to the Start Menu
  14. NoFileMenu : Hides the Files Menu in Explorer
  15. NoActiveDesktop : No Active Desktop
  16. NoFolderOptions : Hides the Folder Options in the Explorer
  17. ClearRecentDocsOnExit : Empty the recent Docs folder on reboot
  18. NoActiveDesktopChanges : No changes allowed
  19. NoInternetIcon : No Internet Explorer Icon on the Desktop
  20. NoFavoritesMenu : Hides the Favorites menu
  21. NoClose : Disables Shutdown
  22. NoRecentDocsHistory: Clears history of Documents
  23. NoSaveSettings : Don't save settings on exit
  24. NoControlPanel :Hide the control panel visibility
  25. NoCDBurning : Disable Cd burning
Under " System" subkey, this "DWORD" value can be created :
  1. NoDispCPL : Disable Display Control Panel
  2. NoPwdPage : Hide Password Change Page
  3. NoDispScrSavPage : Hide Screen Saver Page
  4. NoDispBackgroundPage : Hide Background Page
  5. NoSecCPL : Disable Password Control Panel
  6. NoDispAppearancePage : Hide Appearance Page
  7. NoDispSettingsPage : Hide Settings Page
  8. NoDevMgrPage : Hide Device Manager Page
  9. NoConfigPage : Hide Hardware Profiles Page
  10. NoVirtMemPage : Hide Virtual Memory Button
  11. NoAdminPage : Hide Remote Administration Page
  12. NoProfilePage : Hide User Profiles Page
  13. NoFileSysPage : Hide File System Button 

Alternatively, if you want to create a string or edit it without opening Registry Editor, you can just fire up these string in the "run box" :
REG add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\
Policies\Explorer /v DisableRegistryTools /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f
This can be more easier for you to add or change the value in the Registry Editor. In a long explanation :
  • REG ADD : adding a registry value
  • HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer : It will navigate through this value
  • /v DisableRegistryTools : It will create a value named "DisableRegistryTool". This can be change to your desired value that you want to create.
  • /t REG_DWORD : And the value created is a "DWORD" value type
  • 0 : The boolean is set to "0" [off]. "1" = [on]
  • /f : The data will be force overwritten without any prompt
That's all for this tutorial. FYI, registry editor have a great deal in controlling your system. So, please make sure that you know what yo want to do before tweaking it. I'll post some thing more interesting about this "regedit" later. You can also find how to show hidden files and task manager using "Group Policy Editor" and "Regedit" briefly by reading my buddy explanation.


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