how2.0 : Fixing Double-Click Problems In Your Drive

Cannot double-click your drive? My buddy : right here have a brief explanation about how to fix it using flash disinfector and CHKDSK. But here is my solution to fix it within the power of Command Prompt [CMD]

Several things you must know first :

1. When you double-click your drive, it can't be accessed and an alert pop-out : "cannot find file.js@file.exe@file.vbs@something similar".

2. What is the main problems?
Autorun.inf file cannot find the specific file to be executed [been deleted due to virus alert from antivirus software or accidentally deleted]

3. Autorun.inf usage :
  • Not all "autorun.inf" is written to execute the VIRUS.
  • "autorun.inf" may also automatically load a programs in the Interactive-CD media.
  • It can load a portable software for USB drive such as "PortableApps"
  • You can set your drive icon by write some codes in it [will be posted later]
  • So, "autorun.inf" is NOT A VIRUS. It's a kinda file that run under System Explorer.
Looking by the two main cause of these problems, there is 2 simple solution here:

1st :
If you accidentally deleted the files [the programs compiled with "autorun.inf" accidentally deleted]
Solution :
Just unhide the "hidden folder" [tool > folder options > views > "tick" the "show hidden files & folder"]. Then you can delete the "autorun.inf" files [navigate into the drive using the "address bar"]. Your drive can be accessed by using double-click after the comp rebooted.

2nd :
If the files compiled with "autorun.inf" have been deleted automatically due to antivirus response to a suspected files, which means, the compiled files with "autorun.inf" is a virus suspected file. So, the virus can't be executed when you double-click the drive. Antivirus won't delete the "autorun.inf" because it is NOT A VIRUS.
Solution :
Open up Command Prompt [start > run > type "CMD"]

  • The command prompt will now open. Type "attrib -s -h -r -a x:\autorun.inf"
  • Then type "del x:\autorun.inf"

Explanation : 
"attrib" : attribute
"s" : system file attribute
"h" : hidden file attribute
"r" : read-only file attribute
"a" : archive  file attribute
"x" : this should be change with your drive letter such as C or D or any drive you want to fix
"del" : delete file
"-" : this -ve sign stand for remove, so that it will remove the attribute within the files

So. After you runs the command above, you have successfully remove the "autorun.inf" file in your drive. Just make sure you change the "x" value with your drive letter. Reboot the computer and it's done. Below is a sample advance batch file to remove "autorun.inf" that i've made specially for all my blog reader using these commands above.

I'll post a brief explanation about "autorun.inf" and how to use it later. You may ask me about further explanation about batch [*.bat] file or anything you want to know. I will also post further info about the batch [*.bat] file later.


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