how2.0 : Customizing The System Tray Clock

Now, here is a nice trick for you. Customizing your system tray clock like the picture above. It has been applied to my comp :). Pretty nice. But maybe you can corrupt some trial licenses of software that you may have installed. Here it is :

Step 1
Open up your registry editor [start > run > type "regedit"] 

Step 2
Navigate to : HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International

Step 3
There is two strings named "s1159" and "s2359". By default, the "s1159" is for AM and "s2359" is for PM. Just right click to the value and edit the AM and PM text. Make sure the text is not too long because if it is too long, it will be a problem to view it.

Step 4
If both of the string is not in there, just create the two strings "s1159" and "s2359"

Now, you have a special clock of your own. Change applied may start to active after user logoff or restart the comp. Else, just refresh your desktop to activate it.. Happy modding :) =X and good luck


Anonymous said...

This is much easier to do by going to control panel, Regional Language Options, then click advanced. Click the time tab and type over top of the AM and PM that are there!

Anonymous said...

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