how2.0 : Turning Off Autorun Features For All Drive

Concerning about various virus that have been vastly spread within the removable media such as flash drive, this tip maybe useful to be applied. Most of the viruses and malware nowadays had used the autorun features in WinXP to spread over. [eg: when user double click at their removable drive, the virus start to active]. Here is the trick to turning off the autorun features :

Step 1
Click on [Start] > [run] > and type "gpedit.msc" in the box.

Step 2
Navigate to [Computer Configuration] > [Administrative Templates] > [System]

Step 3
Go to link [Turn of AutoPlay]

Step 4
Double click that link and you will now see a new windows was open. Go to the [Tab Setting], Check the box to Enable [turn off the autoplay], If you want to apply this for all drive just go to [Turn of AutoPlay] to and choose [All Drive] > then click ok.

And now you have just turned off the outorun features in your WinXP comp :)
p/s: From my observation, most of the comp user simply just double click at their flash drive that make a certain virus will load easily. Make use of the "address bar" to navigate through your drive. Maybe it's slow but it's more safety :) indeed..


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